CIArb: Supporting Best Practice for Mediators

The following opportunities are now available to CIArb members interested in gaining mediation skills or in ensuring that current mediation practice is in line with nationally recognised industry standards.

If you are not currently a CIArb member, CIArb’s Mediation Pathway allows you to qualify for membership though an introductory mediation course or by demonstrating the level of experience in mediation as required by CIArb. Please visit CIArb’s main website for more information on the Mediation Pathway or to apply for membership.

Exempting Provider Status for Australian Disputes Centre (ADC)

Candidates who have completed ADC’s five-day Mediation training are eligible to apply for Associate membership of CIArb Australia.

Candidates who have successfully completed both ADC’s Mediation Training and ADC’s Mediation Assessment Program are eligible to apply for Membership of CIArb  Australia.

Eligible candidates should complete the membership application form (downloadable from, clearly stating that they are seeking exemption based on their completion of ADC’s Mediation Training Program and/or Assessment Program and attach a copy of their ADC Certification.

Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) Course Discounts for CIArb Members

Current CIArb Members interested in mediation training and accreditation are eligible for a 10% discount when enrolling in the Australian  Disputes Centre’s (ADC) mediation training and accreditation programmes.  Visit for scheduling and pricing details.

ADC also offers a 10% discount to CIArb Members seeking to maintain their mediation skills through enrolment in ADC’s Mediator Professional Development Courses.